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Who Is That Client, Lawyer, Judge or Justice?

Our detailed “Who Is That” Reports give you the background information and case law you need to approach that client, lawyer, Judge, Justice or Court of Appeal panel with confidence.

Get a “Who Is That” Report on:

  • Your Client
  • Their Client
  • The Other Lawyer
  • A Judge (or Justice)
  • A Panel of Judges (or Justices)
  • Yourself
  • Your Whole Firm


Our Standard Reports include detailed information on or from:

  • **Case Law (Previously decided cases – ideal for the Lawyer and Judge/Justice Reports.)
  • The Law Society (From the public “Lawyer Directory” only.)
  • Law Firm Website Bio Pages
  • Newspaper Searches
  • Google Searches
  • LinkedIn Profile Extract
  • FaceBook Page Extract


Our Upgraded Reports include information from additional sources, including:

  • Actions by and against
  • Surrogate Court
  • Sheriffs Office
  • Personal Property Liens
  • Land Titles
  • Vital Statistics
  • Bankruptcy Court
  • Specialized Genealogy Searches

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